Aug 22, 2004

Quickly before I forget, there are two books I read (or mostly read) while on vacation that I thought to recommend. I should probably get an Amazon referral account for shit like this, but I doubt I ever will. Check these out anyway:

South of the Northeast Kingdom, by David Mamet, is a beautifully written (would you expect it to be other?) collection of essays, ostensibly about Mamet's home state of Vermont but as much about life in this epoch and the inevitable encroachment of Man on the things we love the most. It's sad, funny, and sharp.

I'm only about halfway through Fire, by Sebastian Junger, but it's damn good so far. It's another collection of essays, these about wildfires and the men and women who fight them. Junger has a somewhat annoying habit of repetition (mostly when he's providing technical information as context to a specific aspect of the story) but it doesn't kill the book. I haven't read anything else of his but I can certainly recommend this one, as it both envelops and informs.

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