Sep 9, 2004

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Jamie S. Rich said...

"For the argument to have any credibility you have to either accept that both are fair game or that neither is."

Hmmm. I don't buy that. Playground rules do sometimes apply in life, and in this one, "he started it" works. Had Bush actually bothered to condemn the Swift Boaters, this door would have closed, but since he didnt', it seems a fair answer to charges that just won't go away.

I think that it's also very much different in that one group is lying in order to advance something political, whereas now we're looking at the real record of someone, at a report based on facts rather than innuendo. Which is really the biggest problem, to my mind, of the Swift Boat Vet debacle: the media's failure to simply look at the facts and say, "No, this is not what happened." Instead, we are lost in a quagmire where any "version" of a story is supported as just that, a possible "version."

And, of course, Kerry not putting his dukes up when he needs to.