Oct 21, 2004


Anonymous said...


~chris, lifelong Angels fan

The Transit Nomad said...

At the very least it has to be admitted that the Yankees are good sports. Admitting to not playing as well as they should have was classy, regardless of how their fans behaved. A Red Sox loss (or a win, obviously) results in widespread burning of cars and fights, something that didn't happen in New York.

But down to business; People who support the Red Sox merely because they hate the Yankees have lost focus on the game.

You can hate the fact that the Yankees have circumvented the farm team tradition with regard to staff but primarily pitching staff, and that's legitimate, but the typical refrain from Yankee haters is that they've bought their championships. So did the Diamondbacks in 2001. My response is that if the Red Sox win this series, they will be guilty of the same things and thus no better than what they have supposedly fighting against.

Non-New Yorkers hate the Yankees because of the perception that they win too often and do so only because they have the money to spend on mercenary players. Hate the bringing in of ringers all you want. but the fact of the matter is that the team has been able to afford the players it does because its fan base has loyally supported the players. Something no different with the Red Sox organization. Fans demand a winning team. A team that manages to garner the support of its fans is far more likely to win, which in turn leads to greater fan support. That all translates to ticket sales. I think you see where I'm going.

While there's no doubt that the Red Sox traditionally have a supportive fan base the team also always has one particularly big strike against them: they routinely get beat by the Yankees. And if you interact with any of these fans between Thursday morning and tomorrow evening's game you'd think they'd already won the series. ALCS champs or not, Boston, and America for that matter, has made the game about beating the Yankees and not about the World Series. I think that's sad. And not just because I am a Yankee fan.

PS: The All-Star game home field advantage prize is bullshit. Go Cards.