Oct 21, 2004


The Transit Nomad said...

I think the general fervor is most related to the fact that seniors demand the shots. Young children and the elderly are most likely to experience dangerous complications related to the flu.

People under sixty-five and over three have no reason to worry unless they have immune system problems anyway.

Old people get worked up about shit like this. They don't have anything better to do than complain about medical concerns and their tax burden. It'd be cooler if they just came out and said they didn't care about the education of other people's children.

Fuck the AARP. Voting rights should be suspended for seniors.

Jamie S. Rich said...

I'm actually with you on this. I just got over the flu. No damn shot. I also am shocked by people who go to the doctor when they have a cold. Granted, I was raised to practically never go to the doctor, but seriously. How did anyone survive the world before all this science?