Nov 1, 2004

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Reaganesque said...

I think the Democratic Party made a mistake in choosing John Kerry for the primaries. President Bush was/is extremely politically vulnerable. Despite the country’s fear of switching horses in midstream, a Gephardt would have had a chance in the heartland, and even a Dean would have, at least, inspired Democrats to vote for someone, rather than focusing on the hatred for Bush. But, as a partisan, I’m glad they chose Kerry ;) Of course, he may win… I just don’t know.

The Republican Party’s split between social and economic issues doesn’t seem to be a problem to me; especially, in this election. Our party loyalty remains quite strong—and we have managed to pick up 15% of Democrats.

I care about social issues, and agree with my conservative counterparts on many of them. But I’m definitely a Republican because of my fiscal philosophy—and that is the main reason I support Bush (along with national security). While Bush has implemented policies I disagree with, overall, his fiscal policy has not let me down. I think the same can be said for most fiscal conservatives.