Apr 4, 2005

I haven't done this in ages, so here you go:

Hadriano, your Typeface of the Week.

Designed in 1918 by Frederick Goudy, Hadriano was originally an all-caps display face. It has some pretty impressive serifs, which force you to be particularly mindful of kerning, especially at display sizes. The way the uppercase "N", for example, sits with a lowercase "e" will cause a real problem (which you can see in the example linked above) if you don't dramatically reduce the space between the two letters. When you do adjust it, however, you end up with a very nice interplay.

And today is Opening Day (I don't count last night's game between the Yankees and Red Sox, as I am getting tired of that whole thing). This year feels different than it has in the past, and it's not good different. For every previous year that I can remember, Opening Day has been practically a national holiday. Even casual fans would look forward to it, maybe even take the day off, because it represented something inherently good and enjoyable. This year I've noticed a dramatic lack of buzz surrounding the game. Indeed, there seems to be more talk floating around about the NFL draft than about the start of the baseball season. All I can think (especially as we get news of the first positive test) is that baseball's steroid-induced image problem is finally coming home to roost. People, it seems, just don't want to root for, or spend their money on, something they can so easily and justifiably percieve as corrupt. Who can blame them? It's sad, really. That's more or less all you can say about it.

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