Apr 13, 2005

A quick sidebar update, to further reflect greatness. Check out The Holy Consumption (Hornschemeier, Nilsen, et al) and Farel Dalrymple. I cannot stress enough the importance of supporting these guys.

Somewhat relatedly, Tony Larson has a series of interviews going on at Skate Mental, and I invite you to read the latest one.

Skateboarding intersects with my life in strange ways. I first picked it up in - no shit - third grade. The only problem was that I wasn't very good at it. I gave it the college try until probably seventh or eigth grade, when the actual skating part of it faded out of my life. But I've always maintained an appreciation for and attraction to the sport and the culture that surrounds it. No doubt it has something to do with the DIY philosophies that are such a key part of that world, along with the commingling with music and art. Growing up listening to indie music and playing in bands, skating was never far away. Now I find in it a ton of inspiration when it comes to things like marketing, design, and doing things the right (or, more accurately, one's own) way. I harbor a secret hope that I'll pick up a board again someday and end up being decent at it. Failing that, I just hope I'll be able to work with or in that world in some form or another. Much respect.

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Jamie S. Rich said...

God. I should have known. Fucking skater.

You're dead at the next Con, bitch.