Apr 22, 2005

What is the meaning of production?

This is the problem one faces when trying to make a go of things. This article happens to be about writing (and thus its specific appeal to me), but the same thing goes for most any creative professional when work is not a matter of employment (with the possible exception of photographers). What is the "right" amount of production? This dovetails nicely with Jamie Rich's recent thoughts, in which he graciously referenced one of my own previous posts.

I only start to feel bad about my work when I am producing at a level that I know falls short of what I have inside me. Tonight, for example, I went to see the Orioles lose a heartbreaker to the Red Sox. I knew, however, that the last two pages of my graphic novel script were calling, so I came home and put the words where they needed to be. I could have just as easily gone out for a few more beers, but it wasn't the time.

I am as skeptical of extremely prolific producers as I am of people who spend months and months on one "great" work. As much as it is true that you can be lazy and not work enough, you can certainly work too much. All of which is a long-winded way of saying that it's an interesting article.

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