Apr 25, 2005

With Monday comes news: tomorrow, 04/26, marks the debut of a new issue and a new site from The Royal Magazine. Nearly everything they do is hot shit, and this re-launch should be no different.

I also wanted to direct you to this (via...something. I can't remember.):

The Powell Peralta Museum. There's so much cool stuff in there I don't even know where to start. The whole site, in fact, is a wealth of information and inspiration. For example, this gem from their "ad archive" for my personal favorite, Mike McGill:

(click on image for larger version/description)

I finally finished up the script for my next graphic novel last night. It took longer than I would have liked, but in my defense there were a few periods where it was dormant while other business got handled. The next project, the aforementioned screenplay (TBM), will be the primary focus over the summer months. I'll also be working with Lynn on getting my website set up (peep the boring holder page, which itself needs an update), along with contemplating a website for the graphic novel, as it is an ongoing series. On that same tip, there will be limited edition prints available at San Diego (designed primarily by Tony Larson) this year to promote the eventual release of the book. They will be amazing. If you want to get dibs on one early, go ahead and email me now (link in the upper right corner). Graphics/price TBA.

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