Oct 19, 2005

On the way back from Ocean City we stopped in at a little joint called the Unicorn Bookshop in Trappe, Maryland. A fantastic place all around, wherein I scored this gem:

The 51st Annual of Advertising, Editorial and Television Art & Design of 1971, published by the Art Directors Club of New York. What makes it such a find is that this was the first year of the Club's Hall of Fame, and the list of inductees is awe-inspiring. In particular I've gained a deep appreciation for the work of Lester Beall. Check his biography over at the AIGA, and experience work like this, this, and this. I've come to understand that much of what we know today as graphic design owes a great deal of debt to Beall's work. What might be most amazing, though, is this quote:

As graphic designers of today's printed page, a long depended upon means of communication, we should envision ourselves as the inevitable architects of future revolutionary systems of communication.

He said it in 1956. Respect.

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