Feb 25, 2006

Initial reaction to the Borrowed Time press release has been very good. The t-shirt/product placement idea has been, so far, having the desired effect in terms of getting people intrigued and talking. I plan to keep the dialogue going as much as possible between now and when the book is released, and I've updated the sidebar to make it easy to find information from this front page at all times. The promised blog is on the horizon, as well, and so is the website if I can pull it together in between my other projects.

Many thanks to Chip, Geoff, Chris Arrant, and Bryan & Elias for their comments and their present and future support. It matters.

You know what else matters? You and everybody else you can turn on. Normally the money you spend on a product goes into a black hole. That's not the case here. When you buy this book, and when you buy the t-shirt and/or the poster, you are directly benefitting me, Joe, and Tony - no joke. That's one of the greatest things about working on an independent/DIY level. It's harder on both the wallets and the souls of the creators, but it also means that your money is going where it counts. I'll take that over shitting out five issues of a DC or Marvel book any day. As long as you will too.


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