May 28, 2006

Wade Harpootlian, one of Tomorrow's Brightest Minds:

Dig the Brainiac.
I've been seeing a lot of Evel Knievel lately, and I couldn't be happier about it. First I saw him during the coverage of Mike Metzger's jump a few weeks back, and again during the coverage of David Blaine's water stunt. Then tonight I caught the last twenty minutes or so of his "True Grit" documentary on CMT (check it if you get the chance - it's good).

Why is Evel suddenly part of the zeitgeist again? No idea, but I'm damn happy about it.

Knievel is a true original, an American great along the lines of Houdini or P.T. Barnum or Robert Ripley. Folks like these are rare, indeed - wholly unique individuals who not only make history but define it on their own terms.

Sadly, Knievel is in failing health and likely only has a few years left at best. It's good to see that he's enjoying a renaissance of sorts while he's still around to enjoy it.

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