Jul 27, 2006

With very few exceptions, most of the rebranding and redesigning that has gone on over the past few years has been shit. To cite just a few:

- DC Comics embarrassing themselves by going from this to this

- UPS going from a classic to a throwaway

- AT&T "fixing" what wasn't broken.

I understand, to a point, the need to seem more "now". What I don't understand is why so many businesses can't figure out that, barring masterful execution, "now" eventually means "dated". None of the three logos above will stand up in ten or fifteen years, and the same can be said for countless others.

So I thought I'd give credit where it's due to Duquesne University. What they had was this:

But now...

If what you had was bad, and you come up with something good, you have stumbled upon the one and only powerful argument for a comprehensive redesign. Simple enough, right? In their small way, Duquesne has done good.

1 comment:

Elias said...

You know the first thing I thought of when I saw the new Sprite logo?
What would Neal have to say about this?
Seems like they're ten years late on that mid 90's X-Treme bullshit, no?

I would however argue that the new DC logo is sadly relevant, replacing that notarized stamp of quality look with something that looks more like a sign at the entrance of an amusement park. A shitty amusement park.