Aug 14, 2006

Going back for 20+ years now, some of the most vital and interesting popular art has been found on the bottom of skateboard decks. From this to this and a host of others in between, it's some of the best work going.

Thinking about this intersection of skating and art led me, thankfully, to remember Neil Blender. In addition to being an accomplished skater in his own right, Blender is/was also an incredibly talented artist. He brought a true illustrator's sensibility to his graphics that transcended his form, and he's one of those people whose influence is huge but whose name is not as known as it ought to be. I'm not going to overstate it by making a "without Neil Blender..." claim, but it's tempting. He's an inspiration.

As far as I can gather, this is what he's up to these days:

And dig this video (w/Lance Mountain), particularly the part with the dog/halfpipe cuts:

Link him up and give him some props.

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