Sep 23, 2006

I don't know how I got there, search led to another and so on, until I was finding out what I could about Rolling Thunder.

This was one of my many arcade obessions as a kid and someday, when I'm wealthy, I will own them all and recreate the 80s/90s mall arcade aesthetic within my estate.
Tom Scocca -- who used to be a Baltimore guy (City Paper) -- co-wrote this interesting piece for the New York Observer about subtle changes in the design of the Times.

At the end, Times design director Tom Bodkin makes a particularly pithy point: "I think a lot of design is to address subconscious issues. Even though people might not notice, they might recognize it subconsciously."

I have a feeling most of you reading this would consider that a fairly obvious statement, but think about it a little harder. Think about things that you notice, and with repetition take for granted, that others just accept. Then flip it. Unearthing intent and effect by deconstructing design never gets old. Not for me, anyway.

-- a refreshingly straight-ahead take on the still-growing controversy surrounding media accessibility and its effect on "professional" creative folk.

-- if you haven't seen it yet, Slate published a graphic novel-esque rendition of 9/11 by Sid Jacobson and Ernie Colon. Worth a look for sure.

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