Oct 10, 2006

You might have missed it in the comments, but Bryan took up the challenge of the six word story (read that post to learn more). I liked his submission quite a bit:

He had it coming. Didn't he?

As for me, I offer the following:

One day, I swear we'll go.

I want to invite/ask all of you to try it, as well. I'm thinking in particular of the 20-30 of you who stop by regularly but have never commented. Now's the time. And if you've got a weblog/website of your own, pass this along and send folks here to participate. I think it's a fascinating exercise that could yield some interesting results. Hopefully, better ones than those at the site where I first found this.
You may recall that I participated, along with artist Ryan Brown, in the recent Image Comics anthology 24Seven. I stumbled across a review today that really pleased me:
I think my favorite story in this collection is "The Watchmaker" by Neal Shaffer and Ryan Brown, a clever tale about loneliness in the big city.


geoff said...

She awoke. He arrived. They came.

Zionita Fisher said...

She cried, "Sinday!" My favorite day.

(That is not a typo.)

leesdvds said...

Lost and Found: Broken Glass Slipper

Carbonated Love said...

he wrote his epitaph: "farewell, hello"