Dec 1, 2006

I'm going to update the Borrowed Time weblog for the first time in awhile right after I write this, but since I doubt most of you check that (and why should you during the doldrums) I'll spill the beans here first: the book has been solicited, and we're looking at February of 2006 for release. The plan now is to coincide the release with the second annual New York Comic Con, which happens the weekend of the 23rd.

As we get closer and closer to the release I'll be doing things like updating the website, updating the MySpace page, and coordinating with Joe and Randy to release pages and other goodies to help pique your interest. Things will be getting mroe and more interesting, so stay tuned...
For several months now I've been reading David Apatoff's Illustration Art weblog, a site where he brings a lot of good analysis to bear on some forgotten/underappreciated illustration talents of the 20th century. It's well worth a spot in your periodic rotation if you've got any interest in that kind of thing. Apatoff brings a refreshingly positive (read: not snarky) and intelligent voice to his subjects, and always peppers his posts with plenty of visuals. Recommended.
For anyone who's curious, the Glaser/Scher article is in the editing phase. No concrete idea yet of when it'll be out, but it won't be a secret.

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Bryan said...

Thought you might be interested in this: We interviewed a guy for a position on this Obesity documentary and he'd just finished up a 16mm short documentary on Milton Glaser as some type of assistant of some sort or something.

Thanks to you Neal, I was able to seem really fucking smart and not only did I know who he was, I was able to cite some examples of his work and influence.

The guy seemed confused by my knowledge. Little did he know it was all second hand from you.