Feb 12, 2007

Leftwich has been reborn.

Or, more accurately, rebranded. This space is, in its own small way, a lot like a product or company. It began with an idea, gathered mass as it grew, and eventually became unwieldy. The focus got lost somewhere along the way. I had let it become Pizza Hut, and it was time to tweak.

On the outside that meant sprucing up the look and feel of the site. I upgraded to the new, more versatile Blogger template system (not that easy if you're thinking of doing it), and pruned the sidebar links a bit. Then I purged about 80% of the archived material (a ridiculously painstaking process, as Blogger doesn't have a batch edit mode) because a fresh start should be just that.

Behind the scenes, it meant a sharpening of focus. I'm back to basics: writing things that don't fit anywhere else in my work, and providing a place to share that which I find enlightening. Pretty simple, pretty clean, pretty fun.

I hope you like it but - no offense - I no longer care quite as much. If you know what I mean.

(thanks to Michael Surtees for the inspiration)

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