Mar 7, 2007

I've actually got a ton of stuff built up that I want to mention/talk about/promote here, but I've been busy as sin for the past week. I'll get to everything soon, I promise, but in the meantime I wanted to check in and drop the big news.

The second issue of my ongoing graphic novel series Borrowed Time hit stores today. In conjunction with that, the fine folks at Comic Book Resources have released the ENTIRE contents of issue one, for free, online!

Click Here!

Later on today, the same site will feature a preview of issue two with some quotes from Joe and me. I'll link that when it goes live.

This is the easiest way I can imagine to get acquainted with the book, and I hope those of you who are on the fence will check it out. If you like what you see, head on over to the website or your local comic shop to pick up a copy.

More to come...

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