Apr 16, 2007

Two things:

First, I'm stoked to no end about Mumble Magazine. From the mission statement:
In plain english: we publish articles that have to do with influential artists, photographers, skateboarders, places, books, shit you can buy, music and whatever as well as some totally random shit that somehow fits into the picture.

Headed up by the former editor of Crailtap.com, we're dedicated to bringing real content back to the internet following the stranglehold that blogs have taken on it. We publish at least two new features every week.
Here, here! From jump street I've seen blogs and their attendant technologies as a fantastic means to make publishing and distribution easy and cheap. Plenty of people feel likewise and use them to for just that purpose. But somewhere along the way that model got subjugated to the notion of what a "blog" is, or what it means "to blog." It's refreshing as hell to see someone stepping up and trying to maximize the potential of the internet, which to this day remains oddly underused.

Second, Bruce Nussbaum at BusinessWeek has been ruffling quite a few feathers with his thoughts on design, technology, and process. His latest piece on the controversy makes for a good starting point.

I'd encourage everyone to read it, and then to start thinking. Communication and business are changing so fast that it's hard to keep up, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't try to keep up. Understanding what tomorrow's economy might look like will prove beneficial to anyone attempting to make a mark in a creative field. That starts by realizing that the lines between "us" and "them" are fast becoming irrelevant.

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