May 16, 2007

Couple of things...

First and foremost, today marks the release of the first issue of Left on Mission, a new comic book series created and written by my good friend Chip Mosher. I've been following this series since Chip first sent me the script to review, which was...I don't know. Ages ago. It's great to see it out there, and I encourage everyone to check it out. It's an espionage thriller of sorts, but more interesting than that description alone implies. Worth your time and money for sure, and when have I ever steered you wrong?

Second, kottke hipped me today to this interview with writer Jonathan Rauch, which touches on a host of issues relating to politics, identity, and intellectual honesty. Highly recommended.

Finally, I posted a few weeks ago about new music that I had been digging. In that post I mentioned leaked tracks from both Dinosaur Jr. and Wilco, and mentioned that the digging of leaked tracks should be a precursor to actually buying the album(s) when the time came. I did that today, hoofing my ass to Best Buy to pick up "Beyond" by Dino Jr. and "Sky Blue Sky" by Wilco. That's my way of trying to make the give-and-take work. They gave, I took, I gave.

It would have been just as easy -- and maybe even easier -- to download both albums for free. That would not have been cool.


Chip said...

thanks for the love Neal. Wish you could have been at the party tonight

Wade said...

I actually paid money for Wilco's album as well. They asked fans to actually go out and buy the album, and damn if it didn't work on me. Great record, up there with my faves from Wilco. Kinda has a 70's Beatle sound to it.