May 9, 2007

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago how stoked I was about Mumble Magazine. Nothing has happened since then to dampen my enthusiasm. In fact, quite the opposite. The content has been spot-on, including a wonderful profile of Rebecca Westcott, an artist whose life was tragically cut short.

Check out the latest promo postcard (click for larger version):

While I'm at it, I wanted to pass along this photo (again, click for larger version):

Eye of...?

Kind of hard to look at, I know, but I find it fascinating. I pointed my camera phone straight up at the sun on a beautiful, clear day and this is what it gave back to me. There's something vaguely unsettling about it.


geoff said...

You've witnessed the phallus of the sun!

I sincerely hope you avoid the fate of others who've experienced that in the post-Enlightenment era.

neal s said...

You're too well-read for your own good. And, in this case, mine.