May 3, 2007

Like many of you, I watch Road House every chance I get. Tonight I finally got curious enough to go digging around on the internet looking for more info about it, and so of course I started at the Wikipedia page.

What I found there, much to my surprise, is actually an amazing piece of writing.

Whoever put it up managed to do two difficult things quite well: strike the perfect tone (in this case a kind of knowing distance) and explain plot accurately and economically. In fact, the 800 or so words (I didn't actually count) used here to describe the film say pretty much everything there is to say. A sample:
Dalton rips Jimmy's throat out in the ensuing fight, mirroring an incident that occurred years before. In revenge, Wesley declares that he will kidnap and murder either Wade or Elizabeth if Dalton doesn't leave town. He flips a coin to decide who will be murdered. When Dalton finds Wade dead (it was tails), he rushes to confront Wesley in a final showdown.

Rigging his car to crash into Wesley's house as a distraction, Dalton sneaks into Wesley's compound and proceeds to take out each of his thugs one at a time. Wesley finds Dalton hiding in the trophy room, and the two fight until Dalton pins Wesley and threatens to rip his throat out. But Dalton takes pity on him and sees the error of his own violent ways; he turns his back, giving Wesley the opportunity to attack again. Doc shows up just in time to watch as the townsfolk Wesley has bullied over the years come to Dalton's defense, repeatedly shooting Wesley with their shotguns and then hiding the evidence. The police arrive but make little effort to investigate the matter. The town is finally freed from Wesley's tyranny.
Rather impressive.

I also found this site, and the less said there the better.


Jamie S. Rich said...

I'm glad someone's life is lamer than mine.

Then again, I'm bored enough to red about your boring activities, so maybe I am the loser after all!

John said...

"I used to fuck guys like you in prison."