May 10, 2007

This article is an absolute must read for anyone working creatively today:

The Secret of Apple Design

There are so many fantastic quotes that I'm hard-pressed to pick just one to point out. But I'll try:

"The businessman wants to create something for everyone, which leads to products that are middle of the road," says Brunner. "It becomes about consensus, and that's why you rarely see the spark of genius."

It's one of many passages worthy of deeper consideration. Just as importantly, note the way the piece is written. The first two paragraphs create an immediate sense of intrigue, deftly suggesting that the article will end up being less than it actually is while leaving you wondering what might come in paragraph three and on. The writer also knows his audience – people who are likely to understand the Apple mythos and want to know more about why and how it works.

All in all it's a fantastic read.

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