May 21, 2007

corn on the cob
You may recall that a couple of months ago I mentioned I was working on a cookbook project. Details were still under wraps a bit at the time, but now I'm getting rolling for real and am pleased to announce it:

Head on over and check out The Vegan Bachelor. The tagline I'm working with is "Vegan Eating Demystified," because the idea is to write a low-stress, low-budget cookbook for folks who'd like to eat vegan food – for whatever reason – but don't have the time or the money to get into crazy ingredients and recipes, and who don't feel like completely changing their lifestyle just because they'd like to eat better.

There are only a handful of posts up right now, but the number will grow steadily over the next few months. Eventually, if all goes according to plan, the whole project will be assembled into a factual, actual book. One you can buy in stores and everything.

Please check it out, bookmark it, offer up suggestions, etc.

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