Jul 11, 2007

Lynn asked me to put together a list of my essential daily (or near-daily) reads in terms of design, creativity, business, technology, and related concerns. In response, I combed through my feeds and settled on the sites that I simply could not do without.

It only makes sense to share, so here you go. Not necessarily in any order, though I'm happy the Art Dump comes first.

The Art Dump
Art, design, culture, etc from the folks behind the Girl Skateboards Art Dump.

Design Observer
Setting the standard for online design/culture writing.

Infrequently updated but often invaluable news related to corporate identity.

Speak Up
Similar to Design Observer and equally good.

Debbie Millman's blog
Thoughts from the president of Sterling Brands, who also hosts the Design Matters podcast. Smart stuff.

Signal vs. Noise
Hard to describe exactly but always, always brilliant. File under design, business, culture, technology, usability, writing.

Khoi Vinh is the Design Director for nytimes.com, and his blog is never anything short of impressive.

Jason Kottke’s blog has been around forever for a reason. He’s smart and plugged in like nobody’s business.

Brand New
Connected to Speak Up, this is all about analyzing developments in the world of branding. And doing it well.

New at Pentagram
The latest and greatest news out of the various Pentagram offices.

Design Notes
Michael Surtees, like Jason Kottke and Khoi Vinh, writes well about interesting things.

Another blog from the Speak Up/Brand New family, this one serves to aggregate interesting news from around the Internet.

Nussbaum on Design
Bruce Nussbaum at BusinessWeek provides a valuable perspective on design and innovation in the corporate world.

News and thoughts from employees of the venerable Frog Design.

I'm sure I'm leaving something out, but I can't find any argument against this list. Follow the links and you'll find what you need one way or another.

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michaelSurtees said...

Thanks for the mention Neal - I appreciate it.