Aug 7, 2007


Awhile back I was walking Derby through the woods near my house and I got real agitated. Anyone who knows me well knows that I'm no particular fan of development, and especially of development designed to tempt Young Money with promises of coffee shops and granite countertops. That's what's going on near my house, and it's deeply annoying.

Annoying, but no big deal. What's really galling is that the developers are putting up half-a-million dollar "green" homes designed to lure that particular class of person who feels like gluttony is OK if its couched in friendly rhetoric. In the process of erecting these (admittedly cool) green homes, they've allowed their contractors to dump all kinds of trash throughout the previously (mostly) clean woods. All in the name of progress.

While watching it happen I came up with the idea of making speculative street signs designed to blend into the urban landscape at a glance, but offer subtle commentary to those who actually notice. The idea isn't to present a particular message, but rather to inspire original thought. To snap the viewer out of his/her routine for a moment and force a consideration of the surrounding environment.

See the other two here. More to come.

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