Dec 5, 2007

Here's What I've Been Up To

I have instructions from Rob to "post something bitter." I'll attempt to do that soon, but in the meantime here's an explanation for the prolonged absence:

Slant Six Creative

For the past couple of months I've been working to get this up and running, and now it's in sufficient shape that I'm ready to start revealing it slowly to the world. That starts with however many folks are left who still regard Leftwich as worthy of their regular rotation.

The deal with SSC is that I'm gathering together all of my writing/creative experience, pairing it up with the fact that I know some truly brilliant people who could always use more work, and putting my/our services on the market. Writing, editing, design, creative direction, advertising, etc -- Slant Six is about creativity and great ideas.

Take a look and let me know what you think -- feedback is always welcome. And if you know someone who needs a press release, or an ad, or a new identity, or to have a proposal edited (among a host of other services), please send them my way. I'll owe you a beer if you do.

Along with getting SSC put together I've also been inching closer to taking a new "regular" job, and the company has been steadily feeding me freelance work along the way. Things are looking like they'll settle down soon after the holidays, however, and here's what they'll look like going forward.

The blog component to Slant Six will be updated regularly (there are already some posts up) with a lot of the things I would otherwise have said here (design stuff, writing stuff, etc). I hope you'll all join me there. I got linked by Seth Godin today, so I'm pretty stoked.

This space will continue to exist as a kind of repository for everything that doesn't fit under the Slant Six banner. Probably at least a post a week going forward, if not more.

Things like, for example, the bitterness Rob requested. Gimme a couple days on that one.


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