Jan 14, 2008

New York magazine has a quick but pithy Q&A with David Mamet, and I highly recommend it. Not the least of the reasons being for this exchange:

You also directed a Ford commercial. Why?
I did it for the money. Why do you think I did it?

And you needed the money that badly?
Well, it’s nice to have, because you can buy things with it.

So the whole business of “selling out,” you think it’s bullshit?
No, of course it’s not bullshit. One is faced with that every day. All of us. What’s a moral choice, what’s not a moral choice, and so forth. Somebody even more pedantic than I might say that that’s the whole question of drama: How does one make a moral decision? And further, that a moral decision is not the choice between wrong and right—that’s easy—but between two wrongs.
Mamet's a true iconoclast, and one of the most insightful writers working today. His next film, Redbelt, takes a look inside the world of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and will, if history is any guide, be fully awesome.

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