Jan 2, 2009

(Probably) the Final Leftwich Post

As regular readers have probably figured out, Leftwich is in a serious state of dormancy. I've moved on to other endeavors, but I realized tonight that I never put up a post to let the Leftworld know what happened. So here it is.

In late 2007 I launched Slant Six Creative, and that has been taking up quite a bit of my focus (including writing regularly for the site). I've also been writing at my Baltimore sports website, The Loss Column. Then a couple of months ago, I was named the National Design Trends Examiner for Examiner.com, and I'm writing there as well.

The plate is still plenty full, and everything I'm doing is happening in part because of the lessons I learned here at Leftwich. I've simply outgrown this place is all.

So for anyone looking me up online or stopping by here in hopes of new content, please bookmark my other sites and join the conversations. I'm grateful to every one of you.

-- Neal Shaffer

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